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Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

Methods of payment

Cash on delivery - Mark

To pay for purchases at the time of delivery, select mark between the mode of payment.

Prepayment - via postal account

To pay for purchases in advance at the time of delivery, postal account select between the mode of payment, in favor of:

Visceglia Laura Ottaviani

n . account 73806614
Italian Post Offices

In the current account , you must indicate the reason for the number of 'order which will be assigned at the time of ' purchase.


Bank transfer in advance

To pay for purchases by bank transfer, bank transfer, select one of the payment methods . Then make the bank transfer payable to:

Visceglia Laura Ottaviani

IBAN: IT 37 V 07601 03200 000 073 806 614
BANK: Italian Post

The transfer must indicate the reason for the number of 'order which will be assigned at the time of ' purchase.

Warning: If data is provided company and VAT , to 'act of shipping invoice will be issued including shipping costs . It will not be possible to issue invoices after the shipment of the goods.


Terms of use

Visceglia sells and delivers the items presented in the on-line catalog on the national territory , including islands . All prices are VAT included. The photographs are purely illustrative only and therefore not binding.

Visceglia reserves the right to accept or decline any orders that are placed and in any case until all of the goods.

Items offered for sale may be temporarily unavailable , in which case Mr . Customers will be notified via e- mail within a maximum of seven days from the receipt of 'order ' s purchase. In case the item ordered is no longer available, we will reserve the right to cancel the request and credit back any amounts paid .

For greater protection of clients , we prefer to ship our products exclusively to the buyers , we accept different destination just in case the address given , the goods are withdrawn from the recipient (eg, second home or work address ) .

Shipping will be through the Italian Post Office . The shipments that exceed weight and / or the maximum amount provided for by the transport system will be divided into multiple shipments of weight and / or included in the maximum amount ; in this case the shipping costs will apply to each shipment .

Receipt of goods
Upon receipt of the package checks the neck and sign the packing list and if there were any damage caused by transportation , sign the accompanying bubble with the words ' With Reserve Specification ' , that is, giving exactly the type of damage present in the product.
The affixing of the reserve to the receipt of goods, that the recipient is entitled under Article 1698 CC , cannot be written in any form, but must have certain content and specific.
Let your attention to the fact that you will not get reimbursement for damages that were not disputed at the time of collection of the goods by the application of a " special reserve " , that is, giving exactly the type of damage present in the product.
Are without prejudice to actions for partial loss or damage to not be identified at the time of delivery and therefore not shown on the packing list , provided in the latter case the damage is denounced just met and not more than eight days after the receipt .
In this sense, the recipient will have no right to a refund in the case of affixing upon receipt of a general reserve .

The customer then must report any damage within 24 (twenty four ) hours of receipt of the goods in the manner provided for in ' operator chosen for the shipping and / or delivery and / or by ' operator.

Right of withdrawal
In accordance with the provisions of Articles 64 and following of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 . 206 (as amended and supplemented) , the customer ( consumer ) if not satisfied with the products or services purchased from the content of Visceglia , you can return the products themselves or forfeit the right to provide services and receive a refund of the price already paid at the time of prepayment. The cost of sending the product to the customer Visceglia are charged to the customer .

How to exercise
To this end, the Customer must contact Visceglia within 10 days after delivery of the goods or within 10 days after the purchase of services, with a written notice sent by registered A / R and e-mail to , containing all the information necessary and useful for the correct processing of the practice of return and refund.
This communication must necessarily contain the follows:
a. the express will of the Customer to withdraw from all or part of the purchase contract ;
b . the number and copy of the document (invoice - shipping document) confirming the purchase order against which it intends to exercise the right of withdrawal;
c . description and the codes of the products with respect to which it exercises the right of withdrawal;
d. the chargeback will be made by bank transfer ( for payments originating bank transfer )

Following the receipt of the notice by which the customer communicates its intention to exercise the right of withdrawal, Visceglia checked that the above requirements , communicate by e - mail to the Customer the ways in which to make a return of products .
The return of products in favor of Visceglia must take place within 10 days after the delivery date.
From the receipt of the products, they are returned , the customer is obliged to maintain and preserve with the utmost care and diligence the goods received and for which it intends to exercise the right of withdrawal , keeping them intact together with the original packaging , interiors and exteriors.

All costs and risks resulting from the operations of transport for the return of the products are the complete responsibility of the customer , except for permission for these to insure the shipment , supporting the costs involved.
And ' only allowed the return of products by courier or postal service.

Effects of withdrawal
In case it is properly exercised his right of withdrawal , it is up to the customer a refund of any amounts already paid by way of advance payment, while they remain charged to the customer the cost of returning the product to Visceglia and damage to the product returned. The costs of returning goods , if supported by Visceglia will be subtracted from the price of the product upon return of the money .
The improper exercise of the right of withdrawal, in accordance with all regulatory and contractual legitimate Visceglia to send back the products returned by the customer, with an increase in transport costs.

Exclusion of right of withdrawal
And ' excluding the refund of the amount paid if the Customer has begun to make use of the products purchased .
The return of the product and refund of the amount are always subordinate to the integrity of the products purchased .
Visceglia will only accept a minimum wear of the product, due solely to his evidence to make a decision regarding his outright purchase , without that there has been the condition of the product at the time of delivery. In case of excessive use of the asset will not be accepted for a refund.
Visceglia will not accept returns of products handled by the customer, or goods that are returned incomplete of its main elements and accessories .
The withdrawal right must be exercised within 10 working days from receipt of goods. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products open sealed by the consumer nor the supply of goods made to specifications or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly .
Similarly you do not proceed to the withdrawal of goods or orders for their special features can be considered to measure the customer.

Redemption value to be applied depending on the status of the product.

Text of Legislative Decree 206 of 6 September 2005

Resolution Controversy

For non-judicial resolution of disputes related to and / or resulting from contracts for the sale of goods and services entered into in the network,
The Italian and European consumers can use this platform: