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Custom maps

It's possible to have Custom Maps.

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In these photos you will find some applications of how to use the Visceglia’s  maps for the furnishing of a store, in fact, a map can always be useful and according to the type and size, it can become a poster or a calendar, a brochure or a postcard affecting each and every one.

Furniture stores with maps

You can see some examples

Café Vert Via Antonio Giulio Barrili, 47 - Roma

CANADIAN Via Silla, 5 - Roma

CANADIAN Via Locchi, 11 - Roma
 You can request any custom map in order to furnish your rooms.


We wanted to create a new product line in cartonnage suitable for promotion and corporate gift. From an ancient tradition of our company, the GEOARTE, we wanted to propose, in the same style, craft products in handmade paper with our best cartography. We can produce objects in cartonnage and customize with your company logo. The prices refer to the individual units. You can request a quote without any obligation, for both small and large quantities.
Dimensions of pencil cup cm 8 x 8 x 12 h
Price of pencil cup € 10,00

Dimensions  of desk tidy cm 8 x 8 x 12 h
Price of desk tidy € 25,00

Dimensions of desk business card holder  cm 8 x 8 x 12 h
Price of desk business card holder € 15,00

Dimensions of desk pad cm 43 x 30 x 0,5 h
Price of  desk pad €25,00


We have a huge collection of vintage maps to original settings, allowing us to provide one or more copies in the format you require, print directly onto a variety of materials: paper, cardboard of various colors, pvc, forex, canvas, plexiglass, r-board, etc. 

Ask us directly prior to the cost and delivery time, you will be satisfied with the speed and completion of delivery.

For special needs day deliveries.

Example of maps for scenes of Rome


Personalised or Thematic Cartography

We can personalise our own cartographic bases for promotion, advertisement or to highlight detailed topics on the territory.

Examples of personalisation of a few Italian companies' city maps.

New street paper of Italy realized to the computer


Cartografia Visceglia designs, produces and sells thematic maps, personalised tourist leaflets, tourist map-guides of more than 100 Italian cities, and the new road map of Italy. All these are designed for promotional purposes. For companies and offices we have wall maps, reprints of antique maps , especially thought of as promotion gifts and interior decoration.
Ask us directly prior to the cost and delivery time, you will be satisfied with the speed and completion of delivery.


Immense assortment of reprints of ancient papers

The antique cartography reproduced from originals of the Visceglia archive and realised on high quality paper, represents an effective promotional instrument as well as being an elegant gift.

You can request a particular paper and see it realized with all the care it takes for a precious gift at affordable prices.

List of some of the companies who have chosen Visceglia:
Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Carpoint, Travellers, Hotel Saturnia & International-Venezia, IC-International Congresses Travel, Hotel de La Ville-Roma , Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, Ethiopian Airlines, TWA, Agyptian Airlines, Azienda Autonoma per il Turismo-Siracusa, Ente Provinciale per il Turismo-Avellino, Ente Provinciale per il Turismo-Campobasso, Ente Provinciale per il Turismo-Isernia, Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo dell'Etruria Meridionale, Acqua di Nepi, Sip, Valli, La Rinascente , Liquigas, Banca Popolare di Pordenone, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Ina Assicurazione, Vittoria Assicurazioni, Commowealth.

 The Cartographic Visceglia specializes in the design and production of custom wall maps, leaflets or on computer.

They are suitable to be exhibited in a meeting room for elegant corporate gifts, promotional items or for simple gadgets.
The maps can be created and customized printed according to your needs.
All of our base maps are editable in both graphical format, thus realizing the map you want.

We can put your logo and customizing your seats a maximum at the map of your choice.
We can perform for you print from a single copy to thousands of copies. For us it is'nt important the number of copies, in fact our goal is your satisfaction.

Send us your requests by e-mail and receive instant quotes and free.

Our staff is at your disposal to better assess the custom map, the most suitable to your needs.

The starting point of our work is always our database vector. To have a numerical basis as a source of cartographic acquisition allows us to create custom maps in less time, using fewer resources translates into an edge that has no equal in terms of value for money.
Moreover, all our maps can be customized by printing on any type of sypports: from the most traditional (paper, plastic and mounted on aluminum, r-board, plastileger opannelli PVC) to the most original (printed on glass, plexiglass, or silk-screened on canvas)

The customization of the packaging complements the range of services that Visceglia Cartographic offers to its customers.

Are available