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The Visceglia blog, personalized geographical maps and much more

The Visceglia blog, personalized geographical maps and much more

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The Cartografica Visceglia blog is a point of reference of excellence in the world of cartographic and scientific publishing: full of ideas and information on the world of maps and geographical maps, it allows you to get to know the company's products more closely with useful insights of historical, geographical and statistical value.

Founded in 1929 on the initiative of Prof. Vincenzo Visceglia, Cartografica was born with the intention of proposing extremely high precision and high quality maps and geographical maps to offer the best support to school activities and to all professions related to the engineering sectors and urban planning.

Over the years, the company has increased and diversified its production, ranging from traditional cartography to marketing supports for individuals and businesses, up to objects, gadgets and furnishing accessories.

Il blog Visceglia, carte geografiche personalizzate e molto altro

Among the contents of the blog, the texts dedicated to the presentation of the most innovative and original products stand out: gift items, antique furnishing maps, diaries, pens, calendars and all those objects that give a unique and particular note to catering and tourism activities, such as placemats for hotels and bed & breakfasts.

Furthermore, geographical maps offer splendid possibilities for customization in the wedding planning sector: on the blog, in this regard, it is possible to find various suggestions for a "themed" wedding in which decorations with maps and geographical maps, from invitations to wedding favors , create a dream atmosphere for the newlyweds and their guests.

The ideas offered by the Visceglia blog do not stop at special occasions, but also suggest gift ideas for other types of occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Easter and Women's Day: very beautiful and original, for example, the flowers and hearts made with geographical maps and other materials (ribbons, pearls) to express all the uniqueness of a special moment.

Have you ever thought of giving a completely unusual touch to the decor of your home or workplace using geographical maps? Not only with classic wall maps or globes, but also with personalized objects and furniture.

The blog, in this sense, illustrates all the furnishing accessories that can be decorated with your favorite geographical maps, such as chairs, stools and lamps.

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